What do The Simpsons, Family Guy, The San Francisco Symphony, and The Oregon Shakespeare Festival all have in common? In all these places, you can hear the ingenious lyrics and unforgettable tunes of Gilbert & Sullivan. And quotations from Gilbert & Sullivan abound in television shows and commercials of all kinds. The wit and melody of Gilbert & Sullivan’s comic operas are timeless in their appeal, yet always timely in their ability to poke fun at a wide range of targets.

For students, Gilbert & Sullivan is ideal entertainment. The brilliance of the humor, and the accessible tuneful music immediately appeal to young people, even those who may never have heard of Gilbert & Sullivan. In no time, they’ll be humming and reciting their favorite phrases.

To bring this exciting music to your school, we would like to acquaint you with two of the Lamplighters’ popular and affordable school assembly programs.

The first is an introduction to the world of Gilbert & Sullivan. “H.M.S. Pinafore: Get on Board with Gilbert & Sullivan” uses the music of H.M.S. Pinafore to provide an entertaining and informative look at how Gilbert & Sullivan weave language and music together to make some of the greatest works of musical theatre in the English language.

The second program, “The Pirates of Penzance: Walk the Plank with Gilbert & Sullivan,” is a mini-residency. A stage director and music director will come to your school to help prepare your student cast and chorus to perform a condensed fully-costumed version of “Pirates,” joined and partnered by three lead singers and a piano accompanist from the Lamplighters.

We all loved the performance - and most importantly, we've given a future population of theater-goers a delightful introduction to operetta! My third graders, especially, are now "hooked" – the direct result of engaging them as the chorus!" - teacher, Oakland Hebrew Day School

My favorite part was when you sang all the funny songs and included the students in them. It was super fun to be in the chorus.” - student chorus member

Thank you for offering a great price!!! With the budget problems at schools, it is with great relief that we could bring your performing arts to our school.” - Bay Area teacher

Come “Walk the Plank” and “Get on Board” with Gilbert & Sullivan!

Does your school serve predominantly low-income students? If so, please note that fact on your order form under “scholarship consideration.” Your school may be eligible for a fee waiver and/or additional services, if your public school meets the following criteria:

1. No higher than a 50 percentile standing on standardized test results, as shown by a greatschools.org score of 5 or less;

2. More than half the students participate in the government subsidized lunch program. For private or parochial schools, we will accept documentation on student scores and income levels to meet these criteria.