Our Gilbert & Sullivan interactive assemblies and mini-residencies give your students the opportunity to explore the wonders of musical theatre and operetta. Our professional performing artists and arts educators are passionate about igniting the spark of creativity in young people… and Gilbert & Sullivan is the perfect choice.

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The Lamplighters are committed to encouraging young people to explore the arts. We know teachers are busy people, so we try our best to make our education programs affordable and easy to implement.

You Provide

  • A tuned piano in good working order.
  • A performance area, cleared and available prior to the presentation—45 minutes before the Interactive Assembly, or 75 minutes before the final performance of the Mini-Residency.
  • Enthusiastic students, ready to learn and have fun!
  • Cost

    The cost of the Lamplighters’ Education Program is subsidized by the generosity of our donors. Your school may qualify for additional scholarship assistance. Please ask!

    Interactive Assembly

    $295 for 1 performance
    $395 for 2 performances



    $595 for 1 performance
    $795 for 2 performances

    Multiple performances must be held on the same day and scheduled back-to-back, with a maximum audience of 300 per performance.

    Contact: Ellen Kerrigan

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    Get on Board with Gilbert & Sullivan

    Interactive Assembly Program

    Interactive Assemblies for Your School

    Are you looking for an engaging, convenient, affordable way to bring the performing arts into your school for a day? Our H.M.S. Pinafore Interactive Assembly is the choice for you!

    H.M.S. Pinafore is the story of a lowly sailor’s love for his Captain’s daughter, and their brave defiance of her arranged marriage to a buffoonish Admiral. This family-friendly favorite is one of the most treasured comic operas of all time.

    Lamplighters Music Theatre will bring three costumed singers and a piano accompanist to your school to perform a specially designed 45-minute interactive assembly introducing Gilbert & Sullivan, based on this enduring classic. It’s perfect for students of all ages, elementary through high school!

    Pre-selected student volunteers join the crew of sailors onstage, and assist our professional performing artists in comparing a “Gilbert & Sullivan patter song” to contemporary rap songs. You can expand the creative experience by adding an optional student chorus of any size.

    We provide sheet music for the choral selections in advance, along with a music learning CD. Your chorus and the onstage volunteers will have an opportunity to rehearse with the artists on assembly day. Our teaching artists and performers also lead a 5-10 minute question & answer period after the performance.

    Contact: Ellen Kerrigan

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    Get on Stage with the Lamplighters

    Fun-filled Mini-residencies
    for your School!

    The Pirates of Penzance and H.M.S. Pinafore

    Do you want a way to engage your students more deeply with the performing arts? Our Mini-Residencies will give them the chance to learn—and play!—alongside professional performers.

    Lamplighters Music Theatre will bring a stage director and a music director to your school to help you present a condensed version of one of Gilbert & Sullivan’s most beloved comic operas. Mini-residencies begin with planning support and in-class materials. You are then responsible for holding auditions, casting the operetta, and rehearsing.

    We provide scripts, sheet music, a music learning CD, and other tools for success. Our stage and music directors return for coaching visits at least twice during your rehearsals to help your young performers shine. Each mini-residency culminates with a final dress rehearsal with the directors and Lamplighters performers, followed by one or two performances for your school. We even bring costumes for your students!

    The stories and music of The Pirates of Penzance and H.M.S. Pinafore are engaging and accessible for all students—even those who have yet to discover that they love to perform. These mini-residencies each feature three adult Lamplighters performers, and require a cast of ten onstage student performers, three student narrators, and your offstage chorus.


    Cast of 3 adult Lamplighter performers, 10 onstage student performers, 3 student narrators, offstage chorus

    TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: The Lamplighters require a tuned piano in good working order. Performance area must be cleared and available 75 minutes prior to presentation.

    COST: Your cost is $595 for one performance and $795 for two performances on the same day, scheduled back to back, using the same cast of student actors (max. audience of 300 per performance). Your school may qualify for a total fee waiver or partial scholarship assistance. Please ask!

    Contact: Ellen Kerrigan

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