Stage Director: Jane Erwin Hammett • Music Director: Baker Peeples

Gilbert & Sullivan's comic masterpiece melds the world of Jane Austen with a good old-fashioned English ghost story and a dash of Wuthering Heights romance.

When inflicted with a family curse, Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd fakes his death and disguises himself as simple farmer Robin Oakapple, leaving his brother Sir Despard to carry the curse of being forced to commit one deadly crime a day or perish in indescribable agony. Before long, Robin falls in love with virtuous maiden Rose Maybud, but he finds himself in a love-triangle with his foster brother, Dick Dauntless. Add to the mix Mad Margaret who has been driven to insanity by the curse on her beloved Despard, a bevy of professional bridesmaids, and a ghostly chorus of ancestors, and you have a topsy-turvy recipe for fear and fun.

Lamplighters, Ruddygore, 2006

Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek
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Friday, February 12, 2016 • 8PM
Saturday, February 13, 2016 • 2PM & 8PM
Sunday, February 14, 2016 • 2PM

Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco
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Friday, February 19, 2016 • 8PM
Saturday, February 20, 2016 • 2PM & 8PM
Sunday, February 21, 2016 • 2PM

Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts
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Saturday, February 27, 2016 • 8PM
Sunday, February 28, 2016 • 2PM

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Principal Cast

Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd/
Robin Oakapple


Samuel Faustine, Samuel Rabinowitz

Rose Maybud


Megan Fleischmann, Erin O’Meally

Sir Despard Murgatroyd


Charles Martin, Chris Uzelac

Mad Margaret


Jennifer Ashworth, Kathleen Moss

Richard Dauntless


Michael Desnoyers, Robert Vann

Dame Hannah


Deborah Rosengaus, Cary Ann Rosko

Sir Roderic


William Neely, Robby Stafford

Old Adam


Wm. H. Neil, Rick Williams



Giovanna Hutchison, Ashten Smith

Chorus of Officers, Ancestors, Professional Bridesmaids and Villagers
Chloë Angst, Magnus Asbo, George Ashworth, Kristin Avila,
Amanda Renee Baines, Elijah Berry, Tim Bessie, Elizabeth Bivens-Logan, Walt Burge, Audrey Carstensen, Nicholas Dahlman, Robert Dorsett,
Kevin Dunning, Katherine Leah Feller, George Fernandez,
Christopher Focht, Daniel A. Galpin, Isaac Goldberg,
Sarah Heilbron Pipkin, Hannah Heumann, Haley Hoffdahl, Paul Hogarth, Lindsey Rae Johnson, Veronique Kherian, Jennifer Kiernan,
Hestia Lucchese Warren, Kristen Tansey, Francis Upton V,
Hannah Velichko (Ruth), Paul Zawilski.

The Pirates of Penzance Singalong
Music Director: Baker Peeples

2016 is a leap year, so it’s time to celebrate to celebrate Frederic’s “40th” birthday (measured by leap years) with our Sing-Along The Pirates of Penzance. The performance will be presented in full with beautiful costumes and minimal set, bringing the fabulous Lamplighters orchestra on stage. YOU will be the chorus! Sing along with any/all parts. Dress up like a rough and rowdy pirate, a bumbling British bobby, a modern Major-General, one of his bevy of beautiful daughters, or just a plain and simple 21st century G&S aficionado. Also featuring a costume contest, this unique event promises to be a huge amount of fun!

First Unitarian Universalist Church , San Francisco
415-978-2787 · Purchase tickets
Sunday, March 13, 2016 • 4PM

Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts
650-903-6000 · Purchase tickets
Saturday, March 19, 2016 • 8pm

Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek
925-943-7469 · Purchase Tickets
Sunday, March 20, 2016 • 2PM